Heatwave Air Conditioning & Heating offers a full variety of Heating and Cooling services and equipment. Everything from a completely new HVAC system installation to air filter replacements and standard maintenance. Below you’ll see few things that we have to offer.



We do new construction installations and can design a system to work with almost any application needed and/or desired.

HVAC Service

We offer a variety of Service options from a 1 time service to a scheduled service inspection monthly. What ever you need to make sure your system is running like new, we got it.


It is important to have a certified HVAC Contractor come out at least once a year to check all critical components to your HVAC System. Give us a call to check on yours today!

Change Outs

If you have an old inefficient furnace, condenser, or duct work. Let us change that money wasting system out with our new high efficient systems. Your house will cool and heat quicker and at less cost to you!

HVAC Repair

If your system isn’t cooling or heating. Give us a call to get you back to your comfort zone.


Have an old thermostat that needs updating. We have a wide variety of thermostats and can find one that fits your needs. From simple to 7 day programmable.

Duct Work

Bad/ Old duct work can have leaks, poor insulation, and dirt that can greatly effect how your system cools and heats your home as well as cause allergy’s and sinus issues. Don’t let old ducts keep you from being comfortable in your home!

Air Grilles

We offer a wide verity of Air Grilles that can give your home a new and updated look and bring your house from the 80’s into the 21stcentury.


Free up some storage space and reduce noise in your home by moving your bulky furnace into the attic out of sight.

Adding of Freon

System just not cooling like it used to. We can add freon to help you through that next Heatwave. We’d also recommend having us do a pressure test to insure that you don’t have a leak causing the loss.

Furnace Replacements

Furnace’s last a while, but today’s furnaces offer some of the most efficient heating we’ve seen saving you some big bucks over the years.

Smart Home Upgrades

Want to control the temperature from your phone? Want to come home to a nice cool or warm home after a long day without wasting money cooling/heating it all day while at work? Let us hook you up with a smart thermostat and bring some tech to your HVAC system.

Scheduled Filter Changes

We can set you up with scheduled filter changes to keep your system going strong for many years to come. An added benefit to scheduled filter changes is fresh clean air for your family, helping prevent Asthma and Allergies.


If your current house does not have a HVAC system in it currently. No need to worry, we got you covered there too. We will come out and talk you through your options at no cost and with no pressure to buy. Just an informative meeting to discuss your options.

Trouble Shooting

Not sure if somethings wrong? But it feels like something is different. Give us a call to have us trouble shoot your system to make sure everything is as it should be. With years of trouble shooting experience we’ll find the issue if there is one and get it fixed.


(562) 662-HVAC




(562) 662-HVAC